Latest Kitchen Trends

Kitchen design is an ever-changing field. What were last year’s innovative things that have become obsolete this year? Nevertheless, some trends do tend to endure the test of time. Here we would like to list some of the latest kitchen style ideas that have caught on among the well-to-do.

Here goes nothing: 

  • Marble: Those slabs of marble with their veins are a work of art indeed. They symbolize luxury, abundance and timeless elegance. This year, marble has returned to the top of the kitchen style charts with speed and force. It has become a byword for yuppie culture. 
  • Wooden Panels: This one has been long in the pipeline. Wood is back in style, and its comeback owes a lot to the retroactive movement. Whether it is ash, oak, mahogany, teak or walnut wood, we say to each his own. 
  • Dark Horse Fashion: Black is back, and it does not lack. Walls are in intense shades, and cabinets also show the presence of sombre looks. The previous wooden image is a retro style that appeals to the rustic and country-loving folks among us. 
  • Pop Splash of Hues: Expect the unexpected with a massive riot of colours in this new trend which reminds one of pop art a la Warhol. The only rule here is that there are no rules. It is a celebration of colours in all their sentimental and fun-filled Disneyland glory. Here you have full choice.
  • Isles in the Kitchen: The kitchen island has by now become a standard utility station in the place where the delicious aroma comes wafting out the window. To have two kitchen islands is even better than having one. 
  • Kitchens without any Handles: Design that shows evidence of seamless form and leads to doing a lot at the same time is the “in” thing today. The doors and windows do not need knobs or handles. That is because they can be easily manipulated on their own. 
  • A Well-Stocked Pantry: While this one trend goes back hundreds of years, it remains even today a kitchen essential worth spending a little extra cash on. The food remains in one single place, and that is a good thing indeed. 
  • The Gold Touch: Aesthetic bliss demands colours that match precious metals such as gold or silver. The colour, shape and style all cry out luxury and elite class stuff. This metallic trend has a beautiful finish and makes for a clean-cut design. 
  • The Curated Cut: Such kitchens cut, and they contain curious pieces. These may include lacquered cabinets and lots of shelves. All sorts of odds and ends, such as books, pottery, decorations, and artwork, will add extra zing to the kitchen design. 
  • Paint Power: Emulsions come in all sorts of colours. To manually paint a kitchen has won the hearts of so many this year. Sober colours lend a classic look to the kitchen. Also, you can change the paint anytime you want. All you need are a can and a brush.
  • Fancy Lighting: Soft light sources that hang from the roof are currently trendy. These include lights that are fixed in pendant design lamps. These add a dramatic admixture of shade and light to the kitchen. 
  • Mixed Media: Using a high degree of contrast is what counts here. All sorts of materials are grist for the mill. A good example is the duo of brass and steel. Another is the trio of marble, wood and metal. 

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