Remodelling of a Kitchen: What to Do?

While your old kitchen is being remodelled, the question is, how do you manage to prepare and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, to begin with, a few ideas come in handy. All the time that the kitchen of your fantasies is being remodelled, you can make do with the following makeshift plans and arrangements: 

Location is Everything: 

Your kitchen on the go ought to be located in a place like a campsite is in the wilderness. First of all, it ought to be someplace away from cars, trains and trucks. You wouldn’t want pollution haunting your food. It also ought to be situated away from any under construction areas. Third, a tap or two should be near at hand to wash the dishes and prepare food in pots and pans. The guest room, the dining area and the backyard are perfect sites. Also, an electric socket allows, especially if you have a deep freezer or fridge. As a last resort, your garage may even double as a temporary kitchen.

Take Me to Water:

A sink outside may be the ideal place to set up your kitchen. A makeshift faucet and sink can be bought from the hardware store for a hundred bucks. Hook up the pipeline to your garden hose. Also, keep a large container that will hold the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils for washing.  

Contractor Assistance:

If you have the advantage of a contractor among the people you have hired for the remodelling, you can ask for help in shifting the fridge. Also, he may help you with a utility sink anytime you request him to do so. If you looking for a quote don’t hesitate to call cabinet makers Newcastle.

Ad Hoc Tables & Drawers:

The tables should be a folding variety. Even the other furniture can be shifted with a bit of ingenious thinking. As for the bins, well, vast and sturdy polymer bags can double for their absence. Also, you can purchase movable drawers with wheels fitted beneath them. 

Items that Function in Place of the Original Stuff: 

There are so many examples here that we don’t know where to begin. A kettle as an appliance can make tea, coffee, porridge and consomme. A pressure cooker can do all sorts of operations such as roast, boil and stew. A food blender can not only prepare chutneys but also make smoothies and milkshakes. A large frying pan may be utilized for pancakes and fried eggs. Dishes that don’t break under the heat of the microwave come in handy. Tongs can be used to handle burger patties, sausages and also be used to toss a salad. Finally, a measuring cup may be employed for portion control in matters having to do with hot soups or plain water.

Protection from Stains: 

Put a large mat on your table to protect it from stains that hot pots and pans can make on its surface. Also, shift any rugs or carpets away from the area to be on the safe side. 

Eco-Friendly Hygiene: 

The stuff in the makeshift kitchen ought to be in the least quantity. We don’t want to pollute Mother Nature and our Spaceship Earth. Also, this saves up on the cleaning process. Besides, a large number of ceramics are a pain in the neck to clean up after eating. There is the option of using paper plates and plastic spoons and forks. While it may sound inconvenient to many, it will do for those who are environmentally savvy. 

Stock Up on a Lot of Food: 

Although freshly cooked food from raw ingredients is the first choice, sometimes one needs frozen TV dinners and other processed foods to pass while the kitchen is being remodelled. It is a bit unhealthy, and we do not in any way endorse the constant eating of junk food, yet for the time being, it can double for home-cooked meals. 

Barbecue to the Rescue: 

If nothing works and push comes to shove, you can always resort to an outdoor barbecue arrangement in your backyard. Flip those beef patties and turkey sausages and enjoy the first taste of meat that our cavemen ancestors used to delight in the way back in prehistoric times.

Things to Know Before Remodelling Your Kitchen

Down to the biggest miser, all of us would once in a blue moon want to demolish a room and its stuff in our homes and refashion it closer to the heart’s desire. Yet, there are a couple of things you need to know before you do such a thing. Take the fine art of remodelling your kitchen. Here are the rules, and good luck sticking with them before you tear down those cabinets and countertops

  • What are your plans: If you want to sell your home sweet home in a matter of a year or two, a different set of rules will apply to your kitchen efforts. However, if you plan on staying put in the long run, then, by all means, choose what suits you best—lavish all the attention on your kitchen renovation. Yet if you still reconsider your decision and want to put the house for sale, then do remember one important fact. When it comes to Newcastle Kitchen Renovations, buyers want a kitchen with a reliable and good-looking roof. Take care you provide the buyer with such a thing. 
  • A Short Course in Architecture: Nobody likes a dirty kitchen with mice living in its nooks and crannies. The style of the architecture matters no matter which way you look at it. It is an excellent place to start looking for style-conscious potential customers on Etsy or eBay sites. A dark green kitchen with several appliances will appeal to the most stringent critic. Also, remake your kitchen with the rest of the house in mind. You don’t want a Victorian Sombre home with a Pop Art kitchen. 
  • Cabinet Care: You should never underestimate the power of cabinetry to attract potential buyers. It is the investment that pays off in scads. Shabby cabinets are the pits, and nobody will be willing to buy your home with a kitchen that shows shoddy cabinets. 
  • Appliances that Apply: Although you don’t need to overdo the department’s spending, it is wise to remain prudent. A stove that costs at the level of a highway robbery is not worth it. Yet, a dishwasher may be indispensable. The appliances ought to be such that they last for at least a reasonable number of years. Of course, nobody is asking for any lifetime guarantees. 
  • Trust is a Must: Look up the salient qualities of a first-rate contractor on the Net before you hire one. It is because without proper scrutiny beforehand, the whole kitchen remodelling will go to the dogs. Always ask for testimonials from the potential contractor. It is a necessary evil, so do not hesitate to ask the right questions no matter how intrusive they might seem. The slightest odour of shadiness ought to have you rejecting the contractor. Nobody wants a raw deal. Everyone wants the real deal. 
  • Too Many Trends: While style is always an attraction, if your kitchen shows way too much detail, this can invite the charge of clutter. Nobody is perfect, and a touch of homeliness goes a long way. After all, a home shouldn’t resemble a hospital in its antiseptic qualities. Informality plays a significant role in making a home a comfortable place. 
  • Functionality and Form: Everything in its right place looks good. All the eatables and crockery, not to mention tools and appliances, ought to fit in seamlessly. Here organization is the word. Chaos doesn’t look right, plain and simple. 
  • Health & Hygiene: A clean kitchen is a beautiful thing. Act a little more civilized with the countertops polished spotlessly free of any dust or stains. No splotches or streaks ought to be visible. It will be a part of the presentation before any new client.
  • Reassess your Color Scheme: Everything in your kitchen ought to blend in with the rest of the kitchen. It is from a pictorial point of view. When the colours meld, it will all appear hunky-dory and full of stylistics. The buyer will be tempted and enticed by the sheer surface appearance, and he or she will forgo delving into too many details regarding the remodelled kitchen’s inner workings.
  • Mind your Spaces: The storage capacity is a very delicate matter. Whether the pantry can hold enough comestibles or the oven is big enough for a full-fledged cake is crucial. With every space dovetailing and folding into itself, a well-designed kitchen will offer a lot in the least amount of area. The capacity should be amazed by its utter vastness. 

Latest Kitchen Trends

Kitchen design is an ever-changing field. What were last year’s innovative things that have become obsolete this year? Nevertheless, some trends do tend to endure the test of time. Here we would like to list some of the latest kitchen style ideas that have caught on among the well-to-do.

Here goes nothing: 

  • Marble: Those slabs of marble with their veins are a work of art indeed. They symbolize luxury, abundance and timeless elegance. This year, marble has returned to the top of the kitchen style charts with speed and force. It has become a byword for yuppie culture. 
  • Wooden Panels: This one has been long in the pipeline. Wood is back in style, and its comeback owes a lot to the retroactive movement. Whether it is ash, oak, mahogany, teak or walnut wood, we say to each his own. 
  • Dark Horse Fashion: Black is back, and it does not lack. Walls are in intense shades, and cabinets also show the presence of sombre looks. The previous wooden image is a retro style that appeals to the rustic and country-loving folks among us. 
  • Pop Splash of Hues: Expect the unexpected with a massive riot of colours in this new trend which reminds one of pop art a la Warhol. The only rule here is that there are no rules. It is a celebration of colours in all their sentimental and fun-filled Disneyland glory. Here you have full choice.
  • Isles in the Kitchen: The kitchen island has by now become a standard utility station in the place where the delicious aroma comes wafting out the window. To have two kitchen islands is even better than having one. 
  • Kitchens without any Handles: Design that shows evidence of seamless form and leads to doing a lot at the same time is the “in” thing today. The doors and windows do not need knobs or handles. That is because they can be easily manipulated on their own. 
  • A Well-Stocked Pantry: While this one trend goes back hundreds of years, it remains even today a kitchen essential worth spending a little extra cash on. The food remains in one single place, and that is a good thing indeed. 
  • The Gold Touch: Aesthetic bliss demands colours that match precious metals such as gold or silver. The colour, shape and style all cry out luxury and elite class stuff. This metallic trend has a beautiful finish and makes for a clean-cut design. 
  • The Curated Cut: Such kitchens cut, and they contain curious pieces. These may include lacquered cabinets and lots of shelves. All sorts of odds and ends, such as books, pottery, decorations, and artwork, will add extra zing to the kitchen design. 
  • Paint Power: Emulsions come in all sorts of colours. To manually paint a kitchen has won the hearts of so many this year. Sober colours lend a classic look to the kitchen. Also, you can change the paint anytime you want. All you need are a can and a brush.
  • Fancy Lighting: Soft light sources that hang from the roof are currently trendy. These include lights that are fixed in pendant design lamps. These add a dramatic admixture of shade and light to the kitchen. 
  • Mixed Media: Using a high degree of contrast is what counts here. All sorts of materials are grist for the mill. A good example is the duo of brass and steel. Another is the trio of marble, wood and metal. 

The Price of Replacing All Your Kitchen Cabinet

If you want to replace all your kitchen cabinets, it will cost you. That’s for sure. Yet by playing the financial game intelligently and wisely, you can manage to save a hefty amount in the process. The job is pretty tricky, and the labour that goes into it is not a walk in the park. This task will take more than a single day, and it will also require lots of hard work on the part of the workers. Many people don’t know how much they ought to be spending and would like to be market savvy. 

  • A contractor is a necessity, and the purchase of the right type of cabinets that will last the test of time is a time-consuming and tiring process. 
  • The cabinets ought to have everything in place. You will need an installer who will take from $35 to $65 on an hourly basis. It amounts to $525 to $975. 
  • Then there is the handyman. He will charge $60 to $90 per hour. That amounts to $900 to $1350. 
  • As for the cabinets, they will cost you roughly a hundred bucks to $280 per linear foot. There’s the rub since here the costs rise to two grand or even more than five grand. It, of course, is only the tip of the iceberg. 

There is indeed a possibility that other small tasks will add up as regards costs. 

  • The dismantling and disposal of the cabinets will inevitably cost you $55 to $85, and that is for a single cabinet. 
  • Then comes the moulding. It can be cheap or astronomically expensive. The former case will mean parting with only $300. The latter scenario will set you back by a whopping $2400. 

While the rates are pretty much fixed, the kind of cabinets and their installation rates will vary in sync with the economy’s state or just pure hard luck.

The good thing is that you can quickly get kitchen cabinets that won’t spoil your budget nowadays. For those who want to get the job done on a shoestring budget, doing it yourself will save you a ton of cash. Even a case was replacing the kitchen cabinets cost a man only five hundred dollars in cash. The materials were recycled ones, and while before the replacement job, it was a complete mess, later on, it looked pretty elegant. A few extra tools and items needed to be present in the arsenal that the homeowner had. The rest was hard work and diligence, which paid off in scads thanks to the saved cash.