Remodelling of a Kitchen: What to Do?

While your old kitchen is being remodelled, the question is, how do you manage to prepare and eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Well, to begin with, a few ideas come in handy. All the time that the kitchen of your fantasies is being remodelled, you can make do with the following makeshift plans and arrangements: 

Location is Everything: 

Your kitchen on the go ought to be located in a place like a campsite is in the wilderness. First of all, it ought to be someplace away from cars, trains and trucks. You wouldn’t want pollution haunting your food. It also ought to be situated away from any under construction areas. Third, a tap or two should be near at hand to wash the dishes and prepare food in pots and pans. The guest room, the dining area and the backyard are perfect sites. Also, an electric socket allows, especially if you have a deep freezer or fridge. As a last resort, your garage may even double as a temporary kitchen.

Take Me to Water:

A sink outside may be the ideal place to set up your kitchen. A makeshift faucet and sink can be bought from the hardware store for a hundred bucks. Hook up the pipeline to your garden hose. Also, keep a large container that will hold the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils for washing.  

Contractor Assistance:

If you have the advantage of a contractor among the people you have hired for the remodelling, you can ask for help in shifting the fridge. Also, he may help you with a utility sink anytime you request him to do so. If you looking for a quote don’t hesitate to call cabinet makers Newcastle.

Ad Hoc Tables & Drawers:

The tables should be a folding variety. Even the other furniture can be shifted with a bit of ingenious thinking. As for the bins, well, vast and sturdy polymer bags can double for their absence. Also, you can purchase movable drawers with wheels fitted beneath them. 

Items that Function in Place of the Original Stuff: 

There are so many examples here that we don’t know where to begin. A kettle as an appliance can make tea, coffee, porridge and consomme. A pressure cooker can do all sorts of operations such as roast, boil and stew. A food blender can not only prepare chutneys but also make smoothies and milkshakes. A large frying pan may be utilized for pancakes and fried eggs. Dishes that don’t break under the heat of the microwave come in handy. Tongs can be used to handle burger patties, sausages and also be used to toss a salad. Finally, a measuring cup may be employed for portion control in matters having to do with hot soups or plain water.

Protection from Stains: 

Put a large mat on your table to protect it from stains that hot pots and pans can make on its surface. Also, shift any rugs or carpets away from the area to be on the safe side. 

Eco-Friendly Hygiene: 

The stuff in the makeshift kitchen ought to be in the least quantity. We don’t want to pollute Mother Nature and our Spaceship Earth. Also, this saves up on the cleaning process. Besides, a large number of ceramics are a pain in the neck to clean up after eating. There is the option of using paper plates and plastic spoons and forks. While it may sound inconvenient to many, it will do for those who are environmentally savvy. 

Stock Up on a Lot of Food: 

Although freshly cooked food from raw ingredients is the first choice, sometimes one needs frozen TV dinners and other processed foods to pass while the kitchen is being remodelled. It is a bit unhealthy, and we do not in any way endorse the constant eating of junk food, yet for the time being, it can double for home-cooked meals. 

Barbecue to the Rescue: 

If nothing works and push comes to shove, you can always resort to an outdoor barbecue arrangement in your backyard. Flip those beef patties and turkey sausages and enjoy the first taste of meat that our cavemen ancestors used to delight in the way back in prehistoric times.

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